Tin Roofing?

have house in Richmond built 1928, original roof = tin roof, over years folks have used paint, roof coating (gooey can in 5 gallon bucket for tin roofs), and last was Bituous Rubber coating, about 10 years ago and since 1 coat of coating . bout 2 years ago
now leaking again :frowning: , how is best to resolve this once and for all? thought the bitumous(misspelled) was going to help- i want this solved once and for all.
Another tin roof? Suggestions? is not a A roof Is slanted front to back 10-20 degrees? not sure,
Jerry Clarke
Richmond, VA

Any bitimunous coatings will need a reiforcement mat to ensure long life. Paints will not work.

If the roof is suitable, try to find a polyurea contractor to install an instant set high build polyurea membrane. It is spray-applied, and is actually a thick film membrnae, as oppsed to a roof coating.

If you could post some pictures it would help us give you some advice.

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Photos would definitely help.

It sounds as if your metal roof has been painted, and coated, and painted, and coated…If that is the case, it is probably time to replace the roof. If you have a build up of several layers of paint and coatings, I wouldn’t recommend applying anything over the coatings/paint as they are probably not a suitable substrate. Once again, photos would help.

once and for all?
another tin roof.
tear all that old crap off and start over.
should have done that along time ago.


gweedo, what’s wrong with having a tin roof?

zxasxz said, how is best to resolve this once and for all.
so i asked the question "once and for all? another tin roof.
that is what would fix it, once and for all.
sorry if i confused ya.
love tin roofs, love em.




Of course, proper surface preparation is a must with polyurea, and water or media blasting will generally do the trick…once again, if the substrate is acceptable.