Titanium udl-25 plus underlayment

We started using this on every job since the first of the year. We have not purchased 1 single roll of 30lb this year. My guys LOVE it. It comes in a 1000sq ft roll and only weighs 31lbs. It cost me about $120.00 per roll. Have to plasti cap nail it, but its virtually slip resistant. AND, just try a tear it, ha, forget about it. We just did a house and had 10sq. torn off with just titanium covering decking when a huge storm came. Homeowner called me that his roof was leaking. I almost had a heart attack until he told me it was comming from an area we had yet to tear off, and his existing roof was only 8yrs old!

I really like it although alot here do not.Works for me.

I use it on occasion, I have mixed feelings about it.
For a cut up roof it takes us almost 2x as long to install it.

It does have good footing and it will stand up to wind well if you cap nail it good.

I have been using the stinger staplers and they are pure junk, they break, easy.
The caps mis-align in the stapler and pull out in a long strip.
I hate those freaking things and will not buy any more of them.
A good example of poor execution of a good idea.
But that really has nothing to do with the Titanium.

I like the Titanium when it is hot out because being white it is cooler to work on.

Aside from the cooler white color I prefer Roofer select felt.

Titanium is overkill for it’s intended purpose, not a daily use product IMO.
It is a good choice for a long term dry in.

One more thing.

You don’t get 10 sq of coverage out of a roll.
They are counting the laps when they say that, you get a little over 9 sq of coverage out of a roll.

Make sure you properly ventilate the roof when you use synthetics. All the manufacturers of synthetics add extra caution in the install instructions about this. I have used it, and I like using it, but I do worry about the fact that it is a vapor barrier. Whenever I’m doing a job that I do not feel is sufficiently ventilated, and the HO does not want to add ventilation, I won’t touch the stuff.

Tinner and RooferJ will comment soon I’m sure.