Does anyone use this underlayment?

I don’t use it regularly but if I use a synthetic that is the one I prefer.

All the time

I find it to be the best for traction,we also had some on buildings after katrina for over 6 months it did real well long term.

It’s a decent product but I prefer Roof Top Guard II

Very good product.

  1. It has the same permeability rating as felt.
  2. Needs to be installed with round tops or the manufacture won’t warranty it.
  3. Can customize with your company logo. My supplier requires that I buy 4 pallets minimum at a time with 30 rolls per pallet. The customization fee is only $2.00 more per roll and there was a $200.00 set up fee.
  4. Can hold a chalk line relatively well.
  5. The per square price is about twice the cost of felt.
  6. The ten square roll is surprisenly light at around 50 lbs.

In my area it is one of the higher priced synthetic underlayment.

If your leaving roof open with just underlayment it is awesome,if your roofing in rite away felt is just as good.

never tried it but i like tri-flex underlayment over felt any day.

it doesnt grab polyester pants very well and tools slide on it very easily.
i like it but when you use it and other underlayment you learn the benifits of good old oily , sticky 30lb.

30lb is still the all around best for me.
havin said that we are usin peal n stick for just about everything dowm here now.