To prof - gap between fascia and roof

Roofing company re-installed fascia boards, they saying that gap is normal.
Would like to hear opinion of professionals.


Did they reinstall the existing facia or replace it?

They replaced, - old one, wood, was rotten badly, so new PVC board installed

It’s preferable to have the fascia or siding off of the roof by up to 2", like yours is.

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That gap is a little excessive for pvc in my opinion. If I was going to leave such a large gap I would either make sure my step flashing looked perfect or put a piece of white aluminum behind the fascia to hide the steps all together.

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I agree with gap being excessive. There is a fine balance between functionality and aesthetics. This is functional but ugly. I would be more concerned with shingles riding uphill on steps and large gaps between steps.

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Thanks MPA and Tileman for opinion!
I am just homeowner, so would agree about ~1" gap from common sense.
Good thing that it is on back side of roof and aesthetics could be ignored a little.
I was more concerned about functionality, like wind with rain, if it will start leaking,
not sure how these steps affixed.
Understandable that because roof is not flat, replacing fascia with smaller gap require
more work.
I am attaching full view of back side fascia here, and front in next message.

Front part

What does the neighbor think of the roof disturbance?

Back side is not visible to neighbor, anyway it is much better than it was hardly rotten - about 20% of surface…

Well there you go, what do you think?

Complex feeling, there is no easy solution to re-do, maybe just ask about some discount - not paid yet, and hope functionality be ok.

The functionality is fine if you are looking for a discount you are reaching.

You should be happy it is as good as it is.

Edited to add:

In fact they did you a solid and maybe you should give them a tip.

Like cash money tip, enough to buy a 12 pack should be sufficient.


The roof deck is uneven. You can tell this where the gap goes from very small to larger, they would have had to piece together the backside with wider boards to get it down lower in the middle and back and it would look even worse. They did fine with what was there and it is functional.

That looks fine not zoomed in so far given the structural dips.

I agree. It looks good and you should buy them beer.

Lower that “above the decking”, rot causing gutter.