To wait or not to wait

Our roof does not seem to be leaking now, but it looks terrible – 12 yo shingles are really curled up on south side of the house in skylights area (1/4 of entire roof), old hail hits. Owns home for 3 month only.

Does it make sense to wait for spring for re-roofing? In spring we’ll get hail storm, that’s for sure. :roll: Is there any probability that insurance agree to pay for roof if there are new+old hail storm hits + shingles are curled up?

The insurance company more than likely will not pay for a new roof when the hails storm comes since the life of the existing roof is almost gone. Sound to me like there is a lack of ventilation on the roof. I would start pulling out the check book and do the roof.

It depends on where you live. It is offensive to me, but here in Texas the insurance companies have to pay for a brand new roof 100% if the existing is hail damaged. So, people here tend to keep their roofs on as long as possible waiting for a hail storm. As a homeowner it is a great deal, but as one who pays insurance it is offensive. I can see a prorated payment, but Texas requires full replacement.

Since Texas is the exception instead of the rule, you may just want to go ahead and replace the roof now during the “off-season.” Come springtime most roofers start booking work for the spring and summer and charge accordingly. Of course, a lot of this depends once again on where you live and what type of weather you experience. For example, I certainly wouldn’t recommend you have a roof replaced when there is snow on the ground and temps are sub-freezing.


I have been installing roofs in below freezing tempetures for 25 years. With the fiberglass mat tempature does not play as big a factor as before.

I shovel roofs of and install them. Same phone number and Company name for 25 years.

I am in Northeast Pa.

What about Iowa? :?

Does anybody know how to find out similar information without asking insurance company?

I didn’t say it was a no-no or impossible to install shingles in cold weather. It is just not ideal.

As for Iowa, I suspect Texas is the only state that requires insurance companies to pay 100% replacement regardless of the roofs age or condition prior to the hail damage.

I PREFER to roof in the winter over the summer as I’m more productive in a thermal suit than half naked and miserable still. However, customer satisfaction is low in winter roofing: takes too long working between storms, snow gets black and ugly, nails and shingles get buried in the snow. A laid back homeowner in the winter is ideal for me!

I understand you are trying to save some money but from where i sit no offence it seems that you dont want to pay for it. Kinda one of the joys of owning a home. I still dont think an insurance company is going to replace the roof with a curled up burned up roof there with hail damage. Please dont take this the wrong way but its not the insurance companies home it is yours. You should take pride in it and fix the problem before it causes more problems. Up here in michigan they will pro rate the roof and with what you have said you might get about 500 bucks. Just replace the roof unless you want higher insurance bills every month. Sorry i dont feel this is the right way of going about things, makes me feel kinda like your trying to cheat. that is just what it seems like to me. You know the roof is bad.


I prefer winter roofing too.