Torch down roof dilemma

I have a patio area with a torch down roof. After some leaks incurred, I hired some roofers to lay some new torch down and they did so over the existing roof. All was well until I had a leak occur in a place that never occurred before. Once weather permitted I figured out where the leak was coming from and noticed a part of the roof that felt like a water bed. Turns out water from that leak not only leaked down but sideways under the new touchdown and over the old. Has anyone ever encountered this kind of problem? What was done to fix the issue? WIll the water trapped eventually evaporate? I see its leaking slowly but surely in two areas.

Any feedback what so ever would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again all

You need to remove the roofing down to bare deck and start from there.

I’m sorry that is not what you wanted to hear.

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I respect your opinion but in this case I’ll wait for some more opinions.

Good luck. Axiom said you wouldn’t want to hear it but it is the only way to truly fix the problem.


I’ll third that recommendation.


Fourthed. Anything else will be a band-aid,

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I’ll give you same opinion as the rest of the group. We do a lot of torchdown in the Pacific NW and this is a common occurrence when repairs are done without the original roof being removed. Do it right this time or you will have to continually repair this roof forever.

Low skilled torchbois, probably didn’t go thru perimeter to make sure its bonded to the old roof.since you’re aware of problems, you can redo whole thing by yourself watching YouTube, use peel and stick ,very easy to work with.all perimeter must be torched to make sure its glued.or pay pro do it 100% correctly