Torch down roof question

I had my flat roof recently replaced but it appears that the roofer didn’t heat the membrane enough and the seams are leaking in several places. Is it possible to reheat the seam from the top? Or how would one deal with this? Also, has anyone used or can recommend RoofSlope or something similar? I have some low spots now that water is pooling in and I need to somehow level these areas. I wold appreciate any advice you can give. Roofer has vanished naturally

You should find a local roofer that has experience with torchdown to repair this for you, it’s not a DIY job.

Call your local roofing & siding supplier and ask them to refer you to a qualified roofer.

The older the roofer the better (probably…) since torchdown is a relatively old system.

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Axiom is right on. One other very important thing; verify that the roofers liability insurance covers that torch on your house. In our area most policies do not cover unless requested and is an expensive add-on. If your house catches on fire, which does happen, you are screwed if he’s not covered properly.


I totally understand! I hadn’t planned on torching down the roof myself. But I’d like to be armed with information and knowledge so I don’t get the complete run around, which happens more often then not.
Although I feel as if I could probably trowel the low spots myself, I would leave a torch to a professional.

With Torch down, it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when……….

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The roof is a month old. Is it possible for another roofer to just heat the top of the rolled roof and have it adhere that way or will it need to be removed and replaced?

If they didn’t pay attention enough to make sure that the seams are done correctly it’s not likely that they did anything else right either.

So yes you probably need to redo it.

You can take a bunch of pictures of the seams, edges, & any details and post them here using

There are a lot of variables here. Was SBS, APP, or SA installed? How many SQ? Vapor barrier? Insulation type/layers. Deck type. Degree of saturation. Local climate. Heated structure? Other than that, not sure what “RoofSlope” costs, but after checking the specs, it appears that it is probably floor leveler re-packaged. The weight is identical if not more…….