Torch down roofing pricing in texas?

About to do my first torch down gig, I understand $500 a square is the norm here in Austin, my labor cost is $73 a square. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

I would recomend not using a torch. I have all but switched to the SA modified. Much safer and easier to install. I have been using it for a few years now and havent had a problem yet. As far as the price thats about right maybe a little on the high side I normally go in around 400.

congrats smurf you sold somethin for over 300 a sq.
hurry up and get started.


I am in northest Texas and I am currently charging $320 a sq on torch down. SA has become more predominent around here as it is very user-friendly (DIY HO’s). Although I like SA, I prefer Torch Down. If the proper prep work is completed prior to installation, and you have an installer that is good as what he does, then Torch Down can be very effective and even made pretty at the seams…

like i said 500 a sq you better have it done allready.

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$500 a square sounds about right for torch down.

Here in MN you can’t use the peel and stick flat roofing when under 50 degrees so 4-5 months out of the year it’s a no go.

My cousin learned that when he had to repair one that was put on in the cold.

Of the scores of torch down aplications my father has done in the past 30 years he’s never once had a call back for either water intrusion or deffect.