Torch Down Roofing

3 layer Torch Down Roofing installed on tongue and groove Patio Overhang roof. Wood is cracking vertically and now horizontally, as well as paint being affected. I ? roofing company on their process. We had T&G for years, that was removed down to wood, and nothing was placed between wood and 3 layer torch down material. In researching, I have found info from new major companies, in Maryland and Canada, they explain the step by step process for torch down roofing… Appears our roofing company messed up, they should have put a vapor/moisture barrier between wood of roof and torch down material. Am I correct on this??? Appreciate feedback.

No, not neccesary.

Typical for this area to look all beat up after the roofing job.
You dont have any soffit covering it.
And that is ok.

YOU just need to paint over it, the nails, cracks and all.

The purpose of the initial layer is so the torch flame is not making contact with wood. Most commercial insurance for roofers does not cover fires caused by using a torch on building with combustible decks unless you are Certa trained and follow Certa torch protocol.