Torch or cold process over smooth BUR

Have an old 3ply BUR over 3/4" T&G. If I spud out the gators and split the buckles, can I torch or cold process directly to the BUR and get a decent adhesion?

Clean it up the best you can and prime it with asphalt primer, then proceed as usual.

It should bond very well.

The perimeter needs to be removed and all new perimeter metal and starter strip installed.

First pop a line 9 inches from existing perimeter metal.
Cut out the perimeter.
Install 8 inch strips of torch down(upside down)
Install new perimeter metal(26 g only)with your roofing gun every 2 inches.

Thanks, I appreciate the advice. I’ve got a Graco 4030 roof rig that can lay down 36+ Sq and hour @1.5 GPS. Considering going cold process. Are there any downsides to cold process SBS? We get temperatures between 100f and below 0.

If you know how to use a torch why would you want to do cold process?

Liability would be the biggest reason here. Minimum $10k per year extra to insure open flame on roof. Hardly anyone does it in our area.

It’s a torch applied roof to begin with.

Not to quibble too much
But i think he is referring to the original roof being Hot-mopped layers of fiberglass rolls.
But yes, the torch melts fine onto the old hot-mopped fiberglass sheets.

I can lay 30 SQ an hour cold process adhesive. Not sure how many SQ an hour is feasible with a dragon wagon.

Yes, 3 ply mop. at least 30 years old.