Torch that Epdm?

We have been doing Epdm for 12 years and I have been affiliated with Epdm roofs longer than that.I heard from someone who says that they have torched Epdm.,Is that possible ?.,If so how does direct flame affect the material.I think fire and Epdm would not be friends but hey what do I know…

Not torch or heat weldable with a leister/hand welder.

Me thinks someone is pulling your leg.
Maybe a fleeceback laid in hot?


Here in michigan I have known of homeowners, general contractors and even uninformed roofing contractors mistaken modified bitumen as rubber roofing. I honestly believe the product named ruberiod by GAF is part of the confusion.

I was positive that a torch is the last thing Epdm required.,I know of 4 procedures but believe it or not it was a licensed and certified home inspector who said basically that he had to set me straight.Hahahahaha

Sounds like someone that would fit right in here, you should direct him to the Forums.

We use Metal Roof from last twenty years. This is very expensive method. what is the price of of torch Epdm . How many years company give warrant of his customer. I want to use cheapest roofing system.

This one’s fairly economical.

Anything with a double camel parking dave ? Nothing worse that climbing some cold camels in the winter.

No, but I might be able to swing his and her towel racks.