Training for navigating insurance claims?

I have little experience working insurance claims.
I was wondering if anyone provides training in Michigan?
Any books outlining the process?
How did you learn?
The last few roofs I have replaced have been claims.
Thank you for any response.

In two to three months, I am planning on having a software product on the market that will make this easy. It will include many training modules that thoroughly explains the different facets of insurance work.

In the meantime, search this site thoroughly for posts made over the past couple of years. I believe many if not all of your questions will be answered.

There is always trial and error. Don’t expect to learn too much positives from adjusters, although I have learned some things, Direction of Pay comes to mind. I had plans to attend this seminar (follow link) but the winds of Sandy ripped of a few roofs here in VT and those are more important
to me than a sunny trip to Texas.

One could always follow the postings of Authentic Dad and would benefit quite a bit.

A customer of mine has been approved for a insurance claim (hail damage) roof/gutter replacement.
The roof has 3tab organic shingles and the homeowner wants 3D laminate with new soffit siding and gutters.
Obviously this is going to cost more than the homeowner is approved for and they are ready to pay cost overrun out of pocket.
The estimated damage from the insurance company is $10,525.30 with a 900 deductible and $3082.43 Recoverable depreciation.

How exactly do I send in my final invoice?
Line by line with cost?

[size=150]b]this is the letter the homeowner received.[/size]

The replacement cost coverage contained in your policy provides that the full repair or replacement cost is recoverable only after the actual repair or replacement has been completed. Until that time, settlement is to be based on the actual cash value of your claim.

The estimate for repairs of covered damages sustained to property insured under the above captioned policy comes to a total of $10,525.30. After the application of the recoverable depreciation ($3,082.43) the actual cash value of the claim comes to a total of $7,442.87. The policy then carries a $900.00 deductible that does apply to this loss bringing the Net Claim to $6,542.87. A check in this amount will arrive separately.

When you have repaired/replaced the damaged items for which depreciation has been deducted and have provided our office with evidence to that effect (receipts, etc.), we will determine the amount of our replacement cost claim, if any, and issue additional payments as required. Should you have any questions regarding the replacement cost conditions of your policy, please call me at the phone number shown below between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm.

We hope this letter is helpful in explaining the claim process, the settlement of your claim and future considerations that we thought were important to make you aware of. If you have concerns then we encourage you to contact us so we may be of additional assistance. Thank you for insuring with the Hanover Insurance Group.

Just create an invoice that shows one line item, something to this effect: “Replace roof per insurance scope of loss” and then list the contract amount, which should be greater than or equal to the insurance claim amount. That should be adequate. To make things simpler and to avoid confusion, we actually add a line item for whatever has already been paid which is usually the ACV check. If we’re sending it direct to the insurance company, we also show a line item deducting the deductible. So you have contract/insurance scope amount minus front end check amount - minus deductible which then leaves the balance owed by the insurance company. If there are upgrades, you may show the upgrade as a line item and deduct it from the contract amount so things balance for the insurance.

Most scopes of loss have a fax number, you can send it to there. If you have the Adjuster’s email, we most often send it as a pdf attachment.

Don’t make it any harder than it needs to be and there certainly isn’t a need to list out individual line items of work performed.

Authentic Dad,
That was clear and direct!!
Thank you for cutting through the clutter…