Trapped Moisture

My roof was intalled while it was misting outside (all day drizzle). Should I be woried about trapped moisture or damage to the decking?

Aslong as you have felt on the roof you should be ok.

shingles get installed in light rains all the time here.
have done many myself. the moisture does not stay trap,
it gets cook out after a few days of sun.

theres a condo that has been sittin with bare plywood
for about a month now. it has been rained on
several times. it will be roofed. it will not make a difference.

if your in a cold climate things mite be different.



The moisture will turn to steam and find its way out.

Thats good to know
I read on a website that Your not supposed to
shingle in any rain or moisture. But I have seen
roofs get done in my nieborhood while it was
sprinkling It does make sense that the moisture
will evaporate with the sun The roof gets really

The 2 wors things that can occur from moisyure significant enough to permeate the felt and wet the decking would be some buckled decking and/or buckling felt paper.

As long as the attic air flow is vented correctly, it will quickly dry out the wood decking, but if the felt got wrinkled, it may telegraph through the shingles to the point where you can see unsightly bumps or bridging through the shingles, especially if they are the thinner and cheaper 3-tab style.