Traveler's Not Wanting To Pay Waste On Mod Bit

Dateline: Abilene, Texas.

Story: 1,000 sq. of mod bit on a shopping center.

Prologue: Hail damage claim, approved by Traveler’s.

Plot: Traveler’s is refusing to pay waste. Any waste. Their opinion is that since Eagle View has a stated 4 to 5% error factored in, that should be sufficient for the job.

Response: Well, that error factor can equally go AGAINST the size, not overage FOR the size. The party line’s response (“Building Consultant Pricing Specialist”) was “Hey… it’s a big roof, so you’ll make mad ca$h anyhow. Shaddup, fool.”

In Soviet Abilene, insurance co. sit on YOU!

Sub Plot: 10% is usually the norm for waste on a flat roof, however 5% is acceptable for this project.

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Opinions, thoughts, help & any other ways around the Traveler’s Politburo would be appreciated.

Something you should point out to Travelers.

Eagle View does not purchase the highest end license from Pictometry. They purchase the images but utilize their own tools to obtain the takeoffs. The top end Pictometry licenses include something called “smart pixel” technology which allows for the greatest precision in accurate measurements. Further, many reports generated by Eagle View are supposedly done offshore. Yes, can you imagine that, they’ve outsourced sketching roofs to India or some other 3rd world country.

Now you wonder why Eagle View reports seem to consistently be smaller than reality? I would allow Travelers no credibility with the Eagle View report. Their reasoning stated by you has to rank as one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard muttered by an Adjuster.

I would ask for the Eagle View report and validate their dimensions before trying to argue any further. At present, you’re arguing in the blind. If they won’t provide it to you, have the property owner request it.

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Thx for the reply.

Do the work. Order the exact amount of materials they said you should order. when you get to the end, and need an additional 20 squares, then call the adjuster and tell him that you ordered what he said to order (and you can provide invoices) yet there is still 200 square feet of open roof, and how would he like you to proceed.

chances are, he will say “send in a supplement, and i’ll pay it” without every having to come back out to re-measure. Especially if you are in the middle of working on it.

[quote]Their opinion is that since Eagle View has a stated 4 to 5% error factored in, that should be sufficient for the job.

Sounds like an adjuster who doesnt know how to find a proper response. As it has already been mentioned that 4-5% error could just as easily be short rather than long.

Have you tried looking at the pricing details in Xactimate for mod bit? Xactimate calculates waste into alot of their line items via labor and material yields. Composition roofing typically has a direct yield because of how waste can vary based on the complexity of the roof allowing for manual applying the needed waste.

I believe Mod Bit is not the case. Being a flat roof application factoring waste within the system would be possible.

RanchHand…I dont have any additional input but i just had to thank you for the chuckles, loved the way u wrote ur post. keep rocking that shit!