Traveling tile roof crews

I have a job to re-roof a residential tile roof here in the Northeast. Are there any experienced crews that would travel, say, from the south, southwest that would be able to do the job at a more competitive rate than local tile roofers? They would need their own tools, equipment, etc., but travel expenses would be paid as well as lodging until the job is complete.

Tile roofing in the northeast is done very differently than the south.
We have installed quite a of Ludowici-Celedon. that is proven to last in a cold climate.


where are you located i know quiet a bit of roofers throughout the country i might be able to help.
what kind of tile and how cut up

I am in the South / Southwest (Texas) & I can assure you we do things differently here… tile crews are very specific, i.e. metal cres, & I expect a 89% or better chance they would have NO idea how to do an installation to snow & freezing specs.

Now, if you have done a lot of them in the past & know exacxtly what you’re looking for in relation to snow load protection, ice & water requirements, etc. then you can spec all the requirements yourself & direct the operateion. If this is the case, then find some semi skilled labor & try them out.

You may find it was better to get a Northern tile crew to begin with.