Trendy trim job

This is how the “roofers” finished my neighbours house 4 months ago. I can only imagine why they left it like that, maybe some kind of dispute. The roofer informed me he had 7 years experience too, lol.

someone just forgot to trim a rake .
happens sometimes.


ya, probably got too dark out & ended up forgetting all about it.

I don’t use drip edge, so we leave all our rakes like that for protection. :roll:

Because we a certified roofers and eligible for special warranties :expressionless:

The chimney needs plumbed ,they should have installed more vents and it looks like they’ve got two styles of pipe flashings on the same roof.

Whats wrong with it?


I think you’re right aqua , if you pointed out any of these unproffessional practices to the roofer ,he’d be like “yeah…what’s wrong with that?”