Tricks to Locating Rafters

What are some tricks you guys use to locate rafters beneath the singles?

I would like to install brackets on my roof for the purpose of installing an awning. The brackets need to be screwed directly OC to the rafters.

Bang along with a hammer till is sounds/feels solid. Once you’ve found two it’s easy to find the rest using a tape measure.

look for nails in fasha board alot of times they are nailed into rafter end.


I usually locate my rafters @ cox lumber!!!

i use the FORCE

From the attic side, do an inspection & measure the distance between trusses.

From the topside, measure in from the outside edge of the rake to the load bearing outer wall & then transfer this same # over. Measure appropriately over in the right spacing according to the attic inspection.

If there is a roof top penetration such as a koff/crap turbine, koff/crap or a PVC pipe, then from the attic you can measure over from the edge of this to the truss that you think you’ll be using, then transfer it topside.

All of this is a lot easier with someone topside while there is a 2nd person inside.