Triple laminated shingles

Comparison of Landmark TL and Presidential TL? Can someone explain the difference in quality of these 2 products? There is definitely a price difference

well besides that the landmark is a normal style shingle, the quality in both of them is good. i prefer landmark shingles and just installed my first landmark TL roof a few weeks ago and it was damn nice. you do have to be careful not to bend it and they need to be warmed up before installation. they take longer then 30-40 year shingles to install as well because more care must be taken. Presidential shingles are a different look and will take longer to install. im sure they are both made of nearly the same product.

They are both a good quality shingle, But if I were to choose one I would pick the Presidential as better between the two. The exposure is tighter more shingles per sq. and the tabs cover the seams giving it an extra protection from the elements. As an installer I would choose the Landmark easier to install then the presidential. Hope it helped.

Presidential TL is the best money can buy period IMO. They need to be hand nailed by a company that has done this shingle many times and have it backed up with photos they took. If they can not produce them and you want a date stamp so its the real deal they might just be lying. Its the hardest shingle to lay so its a real craftsman or it looks horrible.

Landmark TL is a great 50 year shingle. I just like the pres better. The landmark is well looks just like a 30 year but thicker. thats the only real difference. Wind is rated at 110 for both or higher now.

I did a landmark 30 job 5 years ago last roof i did. Storm nailed and cut. took a 90 mph wind. It was a pole barn on a property with about 10 football fields between it and trees and its a high wind area to begin with. I can back with photos if need be for those inquiring minds.

How did you get a picture of a 90 mph wind gtp?

GTP, not to argue, but being in Cali Ive done craploads of Pres.TL, as well as all the competiters products. Yes, they sre harder at first, but not rocket science.They dont need to be hand nailed, but you DO have to keep off the last course layed when they get warm, or they easily pull away from the nail. The tabs are NOT all exactly 4 inches, so to keep straight I recomend snapping lines at 12 inches and adjusting every 3rd course.

no not a picture the owners word and since i know the owner since they are friends i believe them and they have a wind vane that tells wind mph.

I agree to the second question, but for a first time install its a mess waiting to happen and we all know that.