Trouble Hiring?

On Feb 26th hosted a panel to discuss the already alarming problem of a lack of skilled workforce available for contracting companies to pull from.

Do you agree that there are not enough skilled roofers to go around? Are you having the same problem hiring?

Home Advisor clearly stated that this workforce shortage is holding up jobs, increasing contract costs, and overall adversely affecting contracting businesses.

“With over 110,000 home professionals in our network and nine million homeowners submitting project requests on our site, …” said Chris Terrill, CEO of HomeAdvisor.

That statement alone tells me that there work to be done, but are there enough contracts to keep up with the demand?

I believe that waiting for the education centres, government, or anyone else to hand you the solution is “not my problem” thinking. If this is affecting you then what are you doing to mentor and apprentice new blood into your business?

Our company is sized so that I can comfortably manage and supervise our roof installations.
I feel that it is important to not water down the installation procedure.
It can be tempting to split crews and overstaff but doing so can result in a deviation from installation techniques.
I personally train every new hire before any hands on in the field begins.