Trouble Venting

Has anybody tried VTF vent for roof to wall venting? if so what is your take on in?

I’ve been making wall venting for years. I just take external, baffled ridgevent, (OC ventsure is low profile) cut it in half and install my 120 degree wall flashing over the top. If the pitch is below 7/12 I jump to Omni vent by lomanco, because I like the internal diverters better than ventsure. I cut the slit enough to get passed the framing on the wall. usually the 1-1/2 distance of the saw base. Never had a leak with it. It isn’t that noticeable. Is the VTF a ready made vent? Good luck to you.

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Smartvent from DCI is designed to be used as a wall vent.

Thanks for your reply and yes VTF is a ready made product visit and check it out for your self. I guarantee nothing else looks as good or installs as fast as VTF vent. Please give it a try and I’m sure you wont use any other product for that application again.

Yes you are correct other vents can be used for that application the difference is VTF was designed specifically for that purpose only. it is installed like apron flashing because it is apron flashing. No shingling over while trying to find plywood to nail to over a slotted vent hole, no flashing over a vent because it is the vent. VTF is simply the logical choice for that application so do yourself and your customer a favor and give it a try on the next job when it is applicable. Thank you for your input on this topic.

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