Aaron and I have spoken. I can not speak for everyone on this site. But we came to an accord on misunderstandings. PM before posting. This is a comprimise on everybodys side. We are not helping anyone while bickering. United as one we are stronger. Bickering this is a waste of everyones time. Personally we ALL NEED TO MEET ON YAHOO and work this all out as a GROUP. If there is a problem PM a member rather than Posting. I agree to this. Lend me your thoughts on this members? There must be a comprimise. If not this is a hugh waste of time. Untited we stand individually we fall.

Totally off topic but why does nobody ever take the polls?

Another off topic question…

I just bought a 2001 GMC 2500 4x4 extended cab. LOADED !!!

Now, it is replacing my 1995 Z-71 work truck.

Since I bought this nice truck, I don’t need my Z-71 anymore…but I do like it as a back up truck.

Before this my backup vehicle was my 1997 Jeep Wrangler.

Now, since I have a very nice truck to drive around now, I am going to put up both the 1995 Z-71 and the 1997 Jeep for sale. And which ever one of them sells first, I am going to keep the other for the back up vehicle.

Which one do you think will sell first?

The Z-71 selling for around $4500
The 1997 Jeep selling for around $9500

I really want to keep the Z-71…its my baby :frowning:

how do you like the gogo gadget side mirrors.

Nice huh. 8)

I’m afraid I am going to wreck because I am playing with all the toys in it.

Man, all that crap is going to break down and you will end up going off on your new truck and ripping it to pieces

There wont be a knob, button or dial left in it in a year, watch.