Truss rotten

The bottom of the truss and fascia board are rotten on a couple of trusses. The load bearing part of the truss is fine. The piece really just supports the fascia board and soffit. How do you guys fix this? I was thinking about cutting the rotten wood and screwing a new piece right next to it. I would just fasten the 2X4 to the truss and let it extend past the removed piece so I can attach the fascia to it.

You need to “sister” or “scab” new wood into place, mechanically fastened to the good wood on the existing truss. That is assuming the damage to the existing truss is not too extensive.

Is that what I did? I basically screwed another 2X4 onto the truss right next it.

If you did what I think you did, then yes. However, there was probably no need to cut out the old wood unless it was just disintegrating. The wood you sistered to should at least be solid where you attached your new wood (bolts are better than nails, btw). Also, if the truss was 2x4 you can go back with 2x4, but if it was 2x6 you need to use 2x6 and so on.