Trusses from the 50s

Has anyone ever worked on old trusses before? And if ua have, have you ever saw them built wrong? Ex. Gussets, webs, angle of heals, things like that.
I believe that I got bottem chords that have the wrong angle cut on them, (4/12) to me the angle should extend to the out side of the top plate or at least be 1 1/2 on to the top plate then obviously what ever the angle of the top chord is to the out side of the top plate (there are no overhangs) i am building overhangs for pretty obvious reasons lol. So this makes me think that what looks like a standard 30 foot fink truss is a rafter with some truss parts. Without the bottem chord resting on the wall it just held by gussets causing sag in the ceiling.
Am I retarded? Lol or is there some rational in this observation?

Gussets are 3/8 ply ( class 3 agricultural build design??)
3/4 shiplap (surprisingly good condition)
All chords are 2x6
all webs are 2x4
spruce for trusses
poplar for sheathing

Any thoughts are welcome