Truthfully,,when contractors give a warrantee,,,,

when contractors give a warranty, 1yr -2yr 5 yr 10 yr ,what is a realistic warranty ? If a contractor gives someone a 10 year warranty on workmenship, how does anyone really know if that contractor will be in the buisness when its the 9th year? Do ya know what I mean? So what is a realistic guarantee on workmenship to be for a lets say a 1 ply torchdown,with the cheapest material that warrantees there matertial for 10 yrs…


I have a track record of being here for 27 years. So when I give a 10 year workmanship warranty, the expectation is 10 years.

I had a problem on a 14 year old roof. I went and fixed it. No charge.

Will you do that? If you will then you can give a warrranty for that lenght of time. If you are doing it to sell the job with no intentions of honoring it. Then it is not worth anything.

Manufacturer’s warranty > workmanship warranty for exactly that reason. I don’t know of any Mod Bit manufacturer that warranys residential jobs at all.

When I used to do side work my personal warranty was for 1yr from last day of install. If it doesn’t leak in 365 days chances are really good the workmanship is solid.

I’m with Lefty

I’ve had some customers for close to 20 yrs.

If you plan on being around for the long haul, I think you can give a long warranty.

i give 7…the reason being is, i could die tommorrow.

i allways encourage people to get someone that has
been in there neighborhood for many years.
perferably born there.
theese folks are more incline to be around, in ten
or twenty years.


5 or ten, depending on the system. Doing this, I need to use proven products from reputable companies.