Trying to decide between Owen's Corning Duration and CertainTeed Landmark/LM Pro

I live in North Central Florida and my roof tends to get a lot of pine needles on it from surrounding trees. I am replacing my 19.5 year old 3 tab roof and am trying to decide between Owen’s Corning Duration, CertainTeed Landmark and CertainTeed Landmark Pro singles. Which one is best for durability, wind, consistency, appearance, and sticking behind their product (warranty)? I have watched every YouTube video I can find and read online reviews and forum opinions, but most info is dated.

I hear they both make top tier shingles, but that is where the things diverge greatly. My roofer is pushing CertainTeed but consumer reports and most reviews state OC is a superior product. Many roofers like the look, weight, and swear by CertainTeed.

Any help would be appreciated and we are looking a roof color for our home. With it being a darker bluish Grey, we were thinking something in the lighter blacks, darker Grey’s, but have a hard time visualizing with our brown old roof.

So send your OC and CT color suggestions as well.

Certainteeds landmark “pewter”
You will love it.
Thank me later.


All photos of Landmark PRO- Pewter.


Thanks for the responses. The pewter is very nice. Looks like so far the concensus is CertainTeed over OC.

Is pewter the darkest Grey? That is what we think we are looking for is a dark Grey or light black with flecks of grays, blues, blacks, and maybe some burgandies.

That is a really nice looking roof. It shows how much attention you pay to your detail.