Tuesdays Report of my mother

Earlier today she got worse and slipped into an acoma. She was removing her oxogen and begging for it to stop. Around 3:30 this happened. after we talked to the hospice people she has slipped into an acoma. She started leaking fluids around 430. I got my father to get her last rights from a priest in the hospital. I thank god he was there for all this. We said our father and that was that. We are catholic. I said my good byes around 7pm this evening. At 815 she had passed to a better place. I got a call at 835 and i went and said my good byes again and now am home with my fiancee doing ok. We have to do all the funeral aragngements tommrow. Lucky she had a plot from 83 my grandmother had bought all the kids. I thank all of those who have supported me and said prayers for her and my family. Thank you again. Your prayers have helped me with this. Good night God rest her soul.

sorry for your loss.

god be with you,keep your head high

Kevin - sorry about the loss of your mother. I lost my mom 9 years ago. It is real tough at first but remeber - she will always be looking down on you and wanting you to go on and be successful at whatever you do.

When things settle down a bit, give me a call and we can do lunch or something.