Turkeys for your Roofers!

Is anyone else getting turkeys for there employees this Thanksgiving ? one of those traditions that once you start you cant stop,kinda like the Christmas bonus.

i dont think my guys could cook.

I don’t ever recall getting a turkey from any roofing company,they do give them out for their office personel but usually they have a thanksgiving party for the roofers ,just food and soft drinks no alcohol.
I think giving the roofers a turkey is a generous and kind offer,the way roofers are treated does reflect on their performance and their respect for their employer ,I’m sure they appreciate your kindness.

I’m giving the guys 50 bucks so they can enjoy there turkey day.

i have a mandatory “labor” day party. i give them the day off paid…but they must attend the party (even for 10 minutes) to get paid. it is a dish to pass. i provide kegs and burgers. usually a good time. they all seem to enjoy and appreciate it.

Keg"s" you say,how many roofers do you have.Our kegs are a little over 16 gallons,I’m not sure about the baby kegs I think they are 5-8 gallons.There’s nothing like a ice cold beer after a hard day at the office(roof).

2 (full) kegs. about 50-60 people. employees, plus thier date, plus some of my friends. and we still ran out of beer.

turkeys to the public. I think we should have a LOT of business given this particular method of delivery…frozen

What did you expect?
They are roofers, can’t leave until the beer is all gone… :smiley:

Well, if they were carpenters they’d dig through your garden thinking you’ve got the “good stuff” growing somewhere…

The roofers will find it first…

no turkeys,and dont be late for work on friday as there is a 6 am start.

Dont know bout yall yanks but us sutheners invite the woofers over fer a mess of collard greens an fat back,sum good ol’ possum an grits,bring yur own shine. http://i148.photobucket.com/albums/s4/bushhog_photos/HughEdwards-has-new-shoes.jpg