Two story cape cod, rain runs down side of house, foundation

Hi. Not specifically roof related, though a roofing solution may exist.

I have a two story cape code house with a tall windowless side faces where wet weather typically comes from.

Rain hits this side of the house (lots of it) and essentially drops right down to the ground at the foundation (and from there down to french drains).

Unfortunately, more water typically arrives than the drains can take care of so I end up with water intrusion where the basement floor and walls meet at a few places on that side of the house.

My (non-construction) thought was to put plastic and gravel around that side of the house to catch the water and direct it elsewhere.

Is there better solution?

The roof isn’t really the issue I guess. Its simply the way cape cod style houses are made and the prevaiing weather patterns that is the issue.

Attaching gutter to the side of the house near the ground to grab the water and direct it to spouting might work, but be silly. Can one attach gutter to aluminum siding?

The plastic and gravel would work, but…


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The best advice I could come up with is,rerouting the water,either by gutter or irragation type allowing the water to move away from your house using channel and gravity.

If you are into the “Green” and have flowers/gardens, then set up a drum system catching the water coming from your downspouts.Then instead of having large amounts of water consumption with watering flowers/gardens use the drums of rain water.

Dig a 3’ wide trough there, and taper, angle, or deepen it towards a low spot away from the house.
GO to Braco or the like that will sell you either 6’ or 10’ wide EPDM sheets to lenght. Get .060 reinforced if possible. .045 sucks.

lay it in the trough, starting from the bottom with 3’ (nominal) wide sheets. Lap joints about 2’, unless you want to pop for seam primer and seam tapes.
Cover with pea gravel, and maybe a bit of soil and grass.

Thanks tinner666 (and Roofmaster417).

So, catch it on the ground and route it away.

Actually, I’ve been doing a lot of that lately…

Why not install gutters on that side of the roof? Shouldn’t cost more than $500-700

Since the issue is water hitting the side of a cape cod style house and not the water coming off the roof (that goes down to gutters), gutters up on the edges of the roof line won’t catch much.

Now, if I put a gutter 3 feet up from the ground on the side of the house, that would handily catch the water running down the siding, but would look…odd.

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Reduce the amount of water being dumped in that area by installing gutters, then route the water away from foundation wall with downspouts and drain tile. Around base of house make sure your ground is positively sloped away from the house. If that doesn’t work, then your French drain could be clogged with silt, and you may have to excavate along that side of the house to solve the problem. However, I would try everything to move the water away before I’d start digging and considering drainage board and waterproofing on exterior side of foundation. It just all depends on whether your problem stems from hydrostatic pressure or from ponding along base of house at ground level. You may even consider installing flagstone or a patio slab if you really want to move the water. If none of that works, plan on digging!

I have the same issue. Did you end up installing the gutters to the siding?

Might want to start a new thread detailing your issue, this one is 9 years dead.