Type of ridge vent?

Just wandering what brand/type of ridge vent everyone else is using…Ive been using Lo-Omni roll by Lomanco for years now and I absolutely love it but I was curious to know if there was another brand that is similar and also maybe cheaper?

I have never been a big fan of the roll type RV.I really appreciate the High point.I like the chunky look.In my opinion the 3" ridge nails hand driven gives me some piece of mind.

I love Lomancos Omni Roll and the 4’ strips. Nice and uniform finish, and works a mint too.

GAF Ridge Crest is nice too. Although plastic nail spot kept blowing out in 0 degree weather (hand nail).

Duraflo or Cobra vent is used a lot around here, unfortunately guys gun nail it with no precautions, and it looks wavy and in some placed squished down to the roof. I have seen birds using it for nesting.

I like the lo omni roll because it is so flexible and bends easily over te steeper ridges…every 4 ft ridgevent ive ever used was so stiff that there is constant tension and after a few years always wants to pop back up…very brittle as well

I prefer the ridge vent with wind baffles. In my area the fabric coil vent tends to get plugged with snow during the winter.


Half the time we have to fabricate our own.


The only vent that we have used for the past 10yrs is O/C Ventsure. Looks great, no call backs, no buckling, low profile.

Moste my roofs (termoplastic 4feet)GAF Cobra Snow Country

:slight_smile: hay max i use omni roll ,i think its great but did you ever see the oc stuff its the same as omni,Matter of fact omni makes the ridge vent and oc puts there name on it and charges 56.00 per rol where as omni is well my price is 38.00 per roll just for a different rapper

dang thats cheap…im paying $54 per box and buying a tractor trailer load (720 rolls) every 6 months…the oc roll vent you must be getting in your area must be different than whats in my area…Im the 2nd largest OC buyer in the state and OC has been trying to make their roll vent more like omni roll but they still cant seem to get it right…they’ve also been trying to get me to use their crappy Ice and water sheild too…but Tamko’s ice sheild is much better…(believe it or not)

OC roll vent ridge is pretty awesome but a little pricey. Very low profile. I first discovered it on a tear off bid when I didn’t even notice it when I bid the job. The extra $300 kind of hurt but I discovered a product that I really like.

IMHO OC roll vent is cheap crap.
The reason people use it because it is cheap and it can be installed with a nail gun.


IMHO OC roll vent is cheap crap.
The reason people use it because it is cheap and it can be installed with a nail gun.[/quote]

INHO OC Ventsure may be less expensive than some others, we pay $40.00 for a 20lf roll, but we have never, ever had a call back on them and we like the low profile. I would never say they are cheap, as far as performance.

agreed on the oc roll vent being crap…omni roll is much better…also better than any 4 ft vent ive personally ever used

[quote="-Axiom-"](OC roll vent)
it can be installed with a nail gun.[/quote]

So can Omni roll.
Hey Max, you ever try Lomanco 9-4 strip vented ridge? It’s basically 4’ sections cut form the roll, with more strength. And folds over a 9/12 easy enough.

We use GAF snow country

They all work about the same, provided you keep two things in mind.

I either use Shinglevent 2 or Sno Country.

Started using Shinglevent really heavy the end of last year, really like it.

All really depends on the brand of roof I am putting on.

Shingle Vent II. I never use the roll vent, you need the baffel.

:slight_smile: Hay max i’ll show you that they are the exact same oc and omni and oc buys it from omni and just puts there rapper on it (no shit)


It would be more accurate to what I was trying to say.