Typical ridge vent replacement cost?

I live in the south - house is in great shape and 11 years old. We recently had the ridge vent (some type of metal) partially blown off and need to get it replaced.

Would like to know the replacement cost (price range) for a good job being done - is there a typical “per linear foot” price range? I’m assuming a non-metal ridge vent would be used as the replacement.

The house is a 2 story colonial with 2 basic elevations, with ridge vents across the top (20+ ft each), so it seems like a straight forward job.

Depends if the roof is walkable and how much time and material is involved. I can tell you that most of your southern roofers are paid by the piece and love side work. Stop by a job site that looks like it has competent work and ask one of the roofers to come look at it. Probobly get it done for 100-300 doallars Im betting.

yep, the roof is walkable for sure. It’s not one of those steep custom roofs - it has pre-fab trusses.

If you follow TarMonkeys advice, just pray no one gets hurt. Those guys he is telling you to hire are not insured. If they get hurt. You will pay for their recovery. Just hope they do not die or get paralized.

yep, I hear you - loud and clear!

I got one estimate that was well over $1000 to replace 50 feet of ridge vent, by a big company (insured, etc).

Seems very high to me for replacing a vent, with no other roof damage… comments?

FYI most roofing companys get started by a guy doing side work that ends up doing well enough to go fully legal. Very few people can afford to pay the astronomical roofing insurance rates before they develop a substantial clientele. Even most insured companys do not fully comply with OSHA standards. While I wouldn’t recommend a “side job” for a full tear and roof replace because the risk to the homeowner is too high, I think replacing a few 10’ sticks of aluminum ridge vent on a 5/12 to save 1,000 dollars is very low risk. I did say seek competent help. The chance of a competent roofer becoming seriously injured on the roof and job you described is negligible and well worth the tiny risk to save that amount of money. But then the final decision is the OPs, I’m just here to advise and IMO the advice was solid. Of course you may walk out your front door today and while your bending over to pick up that thousand dollar bill be ravaged by Bo-Bo the dancing bear that escaped from the circus…

Hey it could happen…

ok, I appreciate the advice - and I understand the risk/reward you are describing.

My main question was - what is the typical insured company likely to charge for 50’ of ridge vent? $20+ per foot seems high, even for a fully insured company…

The vent parts can’t cost that much, and even at a high labor rate, I would hope that 3-4 hours would be enough to rip out and replace 50’ of ridge vent, right?

You have to take care tearing off the vent so you don’t damage the shingles underneath.
You may have to replace the top course of shingles too.
PIA job perhaps. Take your chances with the Side Job Bob. I won’t recommend him. Perhaps some companies do start small. Perhaps we all do. But as Lefty sez, we should all start with insurance.

if your located nere tampa bay fl, i can do it for
300 plus vents.

if not ,
a company should be around 5-7 hundred.


ok - I appreciate all the responses… the quote I received was actually for $1,500. From the work they stated in the estimate, there is no reason this job should cost $1,500 (in my opinion)… I was thinking $700 was about the right price: 3-4 hours of labor, plus materials.

To me, these types of jobs should be an easy entry point for new roof business - if you do a simple job well, you ought to be able to guarantee repeat business (for that homeowner and the neighbors) for future small jobs and eventually the big ones (full roof) where you can make the money. I’m probably the first person in our neighborhood that needs roof work on these houses. I’ll never understand why you would slap someone with a really high estimate, since word gets around quickly…

Thanks again to all!

ok im a little persistant.

are you any where nere florida?

oh, sorry - no, live in NC now…

used to live in Jax, but down there I got plenty of buddies that would take care of me… up here, I’m on my own!!

Material cost.
$3/ft for the vent, $1 /ft for the cap.
Labor cost, depends on the job…

There could very well be other things in your $1,500 bid.
Debris disposal.
A new top row of shingles?
Travel time.
A 1/2 day on 1 job is also a 1/2 day from another, realistically a whole day…

$1,500 does sound pretty high though…

I live in sc. where in nc do you live? I could do it for $500.

Let’s assume a 2 story, “walkable” 7:12, 30 year shingles. 60 linear ft. of ridge slot in a single line on a gable (which = 62 lin. ft. of ridge vent, which = a ‘scrap’ 2’ since they are in 4’ sections).

GAF Cobra III is ~ $ 8.75 per 4’ stick. That’s approx. $ 150.00 with tax for 16 pieces.

You’re looking @ 2 bundles of a basic 3 tab ridge cap (I’d never reuse ridge cap in any circumstance that I can think of). Approx. $ 35.00 with tax for 2 bundles, $ 75.00 if you’ve got a Z Ridge type cap (12" wide, 25’ long per bundle).

Nails: Cobra III comes with them, but for the shingles (if you’re using a gun like I would) I’d need maybe 5 coil rolls total… no big deal, scraps out of a box). $ 3.00?

Silicone: 2 or 3 dabs for any exposed nail heads. Try to reuse the scraps off a tube. $ 0.00.

Parts estimate: $ 185.00 to $ 225.00, total.

Me, I’m not going to give a firm price until I see the site. It’s often difficult to get a customer to wait 2 or 3 days when there’s a long slot open in the top of their house in Wintertime Carolina (& there’s a nice rainy system headed your way again).

So, I go out & look, then run for parts. 1 hour round trip on average. 30 minutes for ladder, compressor, air gun, loading up bundles & vent, plus all the loose tools (hammer, pry bar, hook knife, etc) in my belt. Don’t forget that you’re not only renting ME, but my expertise & the wear & tear on my tools.

Keep in mind that for a 6 or 7:12, you’ve still got a steep enough roof that parts are going to want to slide off. For a total re-roofing, there’s not as much to worry about because you’ve got toe boards & other things spread all over the roof. On a completed roof, you want to limit your impact to the finished product.

Actual time for the labor required is around 3 hours, tops, with one guy. 2 Hours seems possible, but we often price in the worst case, not the least (when it comes to a simple repair like this); probably won’t have to snap lines if the new vent is as wide as the old - you’ll be able to see the shade difference where the shingle was out of the sun. Use this template.

Z ridge is pre-cut, so no slicing 'n dicing required here. Cobra III has nails ‘built in’ so no chasing a loose box or bits in my tool bag.

Clean up - right around the same time as load up (collect parts off the ground that got tossed off on purpose, re-load tools back into the jigsaw puzzle that is an organized truck bed & tool box, re-load the ladder).

Meet with the customer for about 15 minutes to make sure everything meets their approval, site is clean to their satisfaction, etc. Glad hand, give out additional business cards, etc.

In this scenario, you’re talking about 4+ hours, 5 likely. For a solo guy like me, I’m asking @ least $ 650.00 total (P&L) with a 6 year guarantee that you are leak free on the work I did. You just chewed up more than 1/2 my day with drive time to & from the site.

I hope this helps your price decision. Skip a jobsite & see if someone on Craigslist advertises themself as capable in this area.