Ugly, ugly valleys

One thing that frustrates me most when looking up at a roof is seeing incompetence. Especially incompetence in chalk lining a valley. My neighbor recently had their roof re-shingled, and they decided to go with another (more inexpensive) contractor. Here is the result, which I have to look at every morning now:

I notice it too much in my neighborhood - crooked, ugly valleys. Does it really take long to chalk it and run starters up? What do you do with your valleys?

That looks like crap!! :shock:

I use my hatchet blade to run starter up valleys…real simple.


Personally I dont like metal in valleys , especially that kind of metal.Closed valleys always look better.

There is a few houses I drive by everyday That I would love to replace the ugly azz roof they have…

  • 1000 :mrgreen:

There is a house here, that I swear you could actually
float logs down the valley. Code here is you have to
have a minimum 20" valley metal in your valley and
I’d bet 19" is exposed and cut just like that.

put up a big sign that says “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR”

then under it, put a pic of that roof, next to a roof you did. lol

I love open metal valleys."w"flashing.When done right they are beautiful,IMO.Those valleys are hideous. :frowning:

95% of the valleys I do are closed cut, I just chalk a line and take a hook blade and cut it.

Does anyone have any other pictures like this one. I am putting together a pitch book after talking to GTP in the sales techniques and id like to include pictures of poorly done roofs to show what you can end up with when you go with an un experienced roofer. PM me thanks.

I’m in the process of making album of work that I do vs. terrible work I see around my neighborhood done by hack-contractors. I have a picture of a valley that tapers from about 10 inches at the top, to 6 inches at the bottom. (Yes. wide at top, narrow at bottom)

I do closed valleys sometimes, but I prefer the open metal just because closed valleys are always the first to start curling up and showing the age of the roof. Open metal valleys can look great, if done properly.

closed valleys look old school,IMO.

Yeah i agree. In the new construction we do we never do closed valleys. There is the occasion we do close are valleys but its rare. Like a roof that has 5/12 to 12/12 pitch change we use closed. Ussually fro 9/12 and under we use valleys. It just looks nicer if done properly.
Im not sure if i have any pics of my vallys but mine are beautiful.
In that first pic it wasnt the valley that was nt cur right it was the capping that wasnt put on staright. Chalk everything. Capping vallyes everything.
Mind you i can understand why they gotta put on a roof so fast if ther only making 5 bucks a bundle…lol.
I think if i was making five bucks a bundle id be like F this. I dont paid enough to spend a extra two minutes on this.
All i gotta say is the contractor in the states seem to have messed stuff up bad. Only way to fix this problem is to unionize your shit.
I hope Canada never goes down that same path.

unionize roofing?

Please explain how that would help any of us!

take a good look at the automotive market and you can see what that does for an industry!

Damn canadians! :twisted:

silly canuck!! union? get outta here with that mess!!

I’m all for independent contractors.I’m Canadian and proud of it,except for this years,last years,year befores,etc Hockey teams,lol.Damn you Yankees,J/k :smiley:

[quote=“Authentic Roofer”]unionize roofing?

Please explain how that would help any of us!

take a good look at the automotive market and you can see what that does for an industry!

Damn canadians! :twisted:[/quote]

Dont take it seriously but all i hear about from the american market is so many Lowballers doing roofing for like 5 bucks a bundle and crap like that. Here we dont have that yet and i personally is all for ndependent contractors.
It really comes down to You get what ya pay for. Does the home owners care bout that. Sometimes they dont and all they want is a cheap cheap roof for five bucks a b undle. Who can live on that? not me.
But even with good money on roofing there still is crappy roofers.
Seems like itsa ll falling aprt.

Theres just as many lowballers in Canada as States but to unionize…you know what you can kiss!!