I got this guy who insist`s he want a 20yr roof put on his low steep roof.It is under 2/12. i have done some low roofs and nailed up high with no problems but I got a bad feeling about this one.I am gonna trust my instincts on this one and walk from it.

I ain’t no scaredy pants. I wouldn’t walk from it! :smiley:

I’d RUN! :stuck_out_tongue:

its against code to shingle a 2 pitch or under. Thats what to tell him.

I have a customer who wants to put either a slate (or alternative) type tile or shakes on his roof. Will not allow us to make the pitch more then 1.5:12. We have gone rounds, very insistent. I can’t find a manufacturer that will stand by a wind warranty (at best, many won’t stand by their warranties at all) with their tiles installed at that pitch.

How can you argue against the building code ? Just refer the custumer to the building inspector.

only 3ab shingles can work on a slope close to 2/12

i have done many close to 2/12 roofs with 3 tabs.

do not try this with demensionals.

i wouldnt be running from to many jobs in this world. in this time.


I walk away from anything that will become a nightmare in the near future.

If he is still insistent put 2 layers of self sealing peel&stick #15 and #30 then shingles and no warranty…how about that see what he says.

anyone who puts shingles on anything less than 4/12 is one of two things

  1. crazy
  2. stupid

[quote=“roofboss”]anyone who puts shingles on anything less than 4/12 is one of two things

  1. crazy
  2. stupid[/quote]

I guess all those mobile homes are useless then.

I agree with kage on both points. Properly instaled i will go as low as 3/12 maybe 2.5/12 but lower than that i lose faith in the idea. And yes i shingled for many years before i became a salesman.

I’m watching one I put on about 10 years ago. Elks, 4" exposure, 6" dutch lapped. Took about 8 Sq to cover 4 sq. No hassles so far. 4-6 tropical rain storms, 14" snow twice. Fine so far.

Ill be honest with you guys I just did one with a 30’ valley and a 25’ rake on the back. I didn’t sell the job. Its a sub job and I didn’t have much choice. 30 year dimensionals I tarred the headlaps that meet the valley. Their arguement was that it was shingle before and it lasted so it will be shingle again and ok. I really didn’t like it especially the long rake doesn’t help best part is that I only had enough snow and ice to do the first 9’. This job would have been much better with GAF liberty cap installed and maybe nail the selvage edge every 8". Best part about it though is that its been raining for at least 12hrs now in pittsburgh and no calls about leaks

well besides leaks you also run the risk or loosing your contractors licence and having the building department make you rip the roof and redo at your own expence. Why risk it ? Why defy common sence ?

i’m not the contractor just the sub and i did it because the contractor said to… believe me i warned him i don’t like it either, but he provides me with at least 65% of my work so i don’t have much choice to be honest

Come on guys, you can shingle/slate on a 2:12 or less simply by putting a real roof underneath. In the case of low slope, the shingles or slate become decoration. Smooth BUR, Ice+ Water, Selvage Edge or other roofs work just fine. I wouldn’t trust 2 layers of 30 lb unless you use cold process or mastic between the layers.

I have 2 layers of #30 and shingles on my 2/12 patio roofs its been 6yrs now and no problems

well looks like theres a whole bunch of crazy stupid people in florida.
a large percent of roofs are 2 and 3 /12 pitch roofs with three tabs and demensionals on them.

ive been called worse.


Well guys what does your code say ? or how about manurfacters specs ? I would not advise breaking it

ah , the ever changing manspec and citycode.
i cant keep up with them they change so much.
i just get a roof to do and do it.
does not matter if its going to be inspected or
not. work is to good.