Underlayments Poll

THis was brought up by onther member so i started it for him or her. The last one is for all those lazy guys that have done this and have given me alot of business on those 50+ square roofs that cost 10k to start. There is no pun intended in any way. Not ment to offend anyone. In Michigan the warranty is 18 months max on new construction and 1 out of 40 has underlayments on it. Hope this lets insight. I will post the book answer in a few days just want to see what is out there. Please leave a message with your post so we can all be on the same page. This is a help the BB posting. Hope all is well with everyone!

Of my two builders one has me put on the drip edge the other has the siders cut it up and face nail it. A number of times I’ve told her to have me do it but sooner or later I’ll know she’ll listen. She is the president of the Twin Cities builders association so it’s surprising she hasn’t told me to put it on. She is a tough lady don’t get me wrong! 25 years selling homes and 15 years building them, very successful. It took her a year to convince to go with California valley instead of pre-form valley.

Just for the record in Minnesota code is under the eaves and over on the rake, which of course was my vote.