Unhappy customers

My dad whom has been roofing since he was a kid, and the owner of his own Roofing Company since the year of my birth 1979, has always told me that if a customer was dissatisfied with the last guy chances are they will be dissatisfied with you. From my own personal experiences this has proven true. What do you folks think about this.

really depends on how you and your comp carries it self.

There was this lady whom lived in Weldon Springs MO not sure if you are familiar with the reputation of the area it’s self but it was contaminated buy dioxin by a guy named russell bliss once upon a time. Anyway back to my story… This was when I worked for Cornerstone Roofing and when we got there she was going off about the last company she had do her roof. Her husband was sane and he was saying they didn’t do such a bad job. The first thing I heard this woman say was "Oh great they sent a girl, what kind of company is this. As we began her roof she stood out on her back porch watching like a hawk picking apart our every move. When we began to shingle the back of her home she counted every nail. We used ground tarps and moved anything breakable out of the way and used extreme caution as we did on every single job we did. We never left the tear off on the ground over night. I am a bit picky myself, so I do quite a thourough clean up job not a nail, granual, or scrap ever left behind. Through the course of this job this woman had complaint after complaint. The owner of Cornerstone told us she was a few fries short of a happy meal before we ever stepped foot on the job and boy he wasn’t kiddin. We addressed every single complaint she had with the owner and her husband they both told us to just ignore her. We left that job straight as an arrow, tight as a virgin, and clean as a whistle. The lady was so unsatisfied with our work she called the BBB, her husband on the other hand was very satisfied. Her husband was the one to call the BBB and have the complaint she made taken off the record. This was probably the single best job I ever did simply because of this lady.

oops weldon springs was a military base where there was a nuclear facility i belive I was thinking about Times Beach that’s where Russell Bliss sprayed the roads with the dioxin contaminated oil

This does depend on mayny things. Looking at what you wrote you could have done it for free and she would complain. So with that I would say she can never count. I have had many happy customers. Some upset from added costs like wood but either way you will never make everyone happy at any time.

Motto I live by “you can please some of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all the people all the time.” I have had customers that were dissatisfied with the previous roofers but they had good reason to be those customers aren’t the ones I was refering to :wink: I have been known to do a free roof every now and again… not by choice or anything but there are a lot of screw jobs around here.

Had one of them recently. she complained about shirts in the yard and tarps over her bushes. We were tearing off tile coated with polyurathane foam and acrylic elastomeric coating. they had bad leaks long before we started and it was a pagoda stlye roof with a flat roof on top. As we were tearing off it rained …we covered the part we were tearing off. It leaked on opposite side of the house in an old spot and she called complaining. She complained because none of the guys would ask her if they could use her hose to cool off. 100 deg out. This crew is very neat and quality concious and the customers generally really like these guys. She apparently thought that roofing was a neat job in progress.

Bummer 100 degrees workin hard and hearin moaning not a good morale booster. It’s day’s like that, that make a good roofer miss the customers whom keep gatorade on ice in coolers outside for the roofers, and the sweet old lady customers who make fresh baked chocolate chip cookies in the winter time. Owner of Cornerstone (Charlie) would bring us Gatorade and Dole Fruit N Juice Bars and Ice Cold soda’s to us sometimes on them real hot morale bustin days. God I miss workin for him.

Well as the sales team you need to not look for work but look for customers. There is a difference. A Major difference. They are looking for a contractor do work on there home as are you looking for QUALITY customers. Not just some dingleberry that called. I walk from work atleast once a week due to the stupidity I hear. I have torn up contracts insulted people you name it but fact remains that if I feel it is not worth the trouble I leave. It not like they are the only home needing a roof. OPen the book about 80 comps out there 45 are liget so take odds let a loser do the work. As far as free That word is not in my vocab. If i go to a customers house and this happend on Thursday for a problem, The roof was leaking. We did the roof 2 months ago. Well they never had Direct TV then. THe installer just screwed it to the roof no sealant nothing. Hence she got a 250 dollar bill and she paid it promptly. I dont waste my time with deadbeat cusonumers looking to screw people. Need help with that i can explain further.

That’s excelent advice Pride excelent!! :smiley: