Unknown Leaking

Image below is a recent leaking I am having for a single family one story house which I can’t find where this leak possibly coming from. It has a specific spot where heavily has water damage on that rafter along with water dripping through dry wall right below it. Even the sheathing above from the damage is dry as well.

I checked the sheathing on roof and rigid van to make sure there’s no possible leaking. There are a few pipes nearby, but they are not leaking as all.

I would appreciate some possible answers to this mystery leak with this much of water. Thank you in advance.

Where in the county are you located?. If you are in a cold/snow region I would suspect ice damming from your picture without seeing the outside.

Please upload some exterior pictures of the area so we can get a better help you.

I am in Louisiana, generally pretty hot and humid. Thanks for the reminder, the rain just stopped not too long ago, so I went up and saw this:

The fascia is short compare to what it needs to be. Water might got direct into/underneath the shingles. Do you think flashing will fix the job here? or any other potential with this leak?


I suppose it possible with wind driven rain. Seems like though, it is either coming from that valley or in that area. Fix that area and see if it stops.

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I suspect that there is a small hole at the bottom of that valley.

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Roofer didnt understand how to install shingles under the soffit transitioning into the valley.
He shouldnt have barely cut that one at all.
Didnt know how to fasten or secure it.
Now it has slipped out and it never really went under it in the first place.

Then the siding guy was horrible also.

You may need to remove some of the wood
In the bottem of the valley to replace the rotten wood under the valley.
A roofing repair pro should be doing this.

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