Unqualified roofers

Was a roofer29 years now in ninth year as independent roofing consultant and it’s astounding the amount of shoddy incompetent fraudulent work I see. Saw a Presidential TL new roof yesterday. Field nails 3/4”. Mountain Ridge nails 1-1/4”. One starter ply. No-caulk pipe jacks. Other than that a great job. I’ve seen rows of vents but no holes cut. Buried flanges. Plywood over spaced sheathing each sheet averages 6 nails. Unlicensed roofers. What’s on contract doesn’t match up with what’s on roof. Roofing industry has been destroyed.


Roofing industry has had hacks since the dawn of time. You are just seeing the shitty jobs. Don’t give up hope, there are lots of quality companies still operating!

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Working on a mod bit repair right now. Installed by DGAF roofing 2 months ago. They have billboard signs and the back cover of the phonebook FWIW. All I see is poor workmanship…

Poor workmanship has been around in the roofing industry since the first roof was installed, as stated previously, but also stated is there are also quality, qualified roofers as well. I’ve found more times than not I find contractors that have not kept up with industry changes, standards, or other requirements that are not the same as was the case 20 yrs ago. If you ever have the opportunity to speak with a few of those roofers you feel are not qualified, try to help them out by explaining what was wrong, and what you may do to correct the issue. Also maybe educate them now and then as to why it’s wrong or needs done differently so that not only do they not keep making mistakes but understand better the reasons for not doing this or that.
Any roofer out there can point out mistakes on most every roof except those they installed. I agree some things mentioned need to be done better but it’s possible they didn’t know why or understand the use of 3/4" nails in the field should be longer? Not saying your a bad roofer or that your observations weren’t spot on because they likely are however instead of tearing these companies down let’s take a step forward (within reason) to build these roofers up.
With that said homeowners are not doing their homework alot of times, and hire companies based on a 5 star review, fancy advertising, and lowest possible costs.
I’m not placing blame on any homeowner, as it’s the company responsibly to be properly trained and capable of this work but it would slow this type situation down with a little background information

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Specs are, and always have been, minimum 3/4" deck penetration. My motto has always been “Be your own worst critic”. There’s too much money in roofing not to attract con men.