Unsightly Drip Edge Install-Easy Fix Ideas?

Is there any easy fix for drip edge that was cut too short (not meeting end on corners), ends with mismatched angles (not following the straight line down of ends but angled in), and overlaps at peaks going every which way (some longer overlaps than others)?

Please Upload some pictures.

I doubt there will be any “easy” fixes. Installing a few small pieces to extend what’s there wouldn’t be too difficult but wouldn’t really be too visually appealing.

Take it off and do it correctly is the easy fix.

That was my first answer too. I dont know that process and if the shingles would get severe damage bending them up. Its a brand new roof. The roof part is fine, at least it seems fine, but the roofer can’t understand why the bad workmanship on the drip edge makes a difference.

A good roofer could replace all the drip edge but its not a diy job. High probability you would do more harm than good.


If you are looking to fix it yourself I wouldn’t recommend trying to put it out and replaced it. What I would do is get a piece of matching drip edge and some rivits that match. Cut short pieces and make new corners that look nice, slide them in on top of the existing, and when you are satisfied rivit through the face, then you don’t need to worry about messing up the shingles.

That would work . Thank you!