Upcomming season

WHat do you guys project for this season?

What will you do differently this year than last and why?

Im interested in some responses from other guys since the economy is in such bad shape people are going to be willing to hold on to their money rather than spend.


I project this year will be better then last.

I will not participate in a bad economy. You can I will not. Talking about a bad economy will not produce the results I am looking for. So it is a subject that I will stay out of.

I am educating myself on how to hire better people.

Also am educating myself on green products to add. Owens Corning insulation, Velux sun tunnels, skylights and solar water heating, Cool roof coatings, these are just some of the products I am looking into.

I can only hope my compitition is talking about the “bad economy”. LOL I started my business in the last “bad economy”, 1980.

pretty much ditto here.

The bad companies will probably thin out this year. people will probably care more about spending their money wisely (on their roof which is a necessity) rather than the trip to Barbados. They will probably care more about hiring a good company than pick up truck pete.

I am expanding. We are going to open our 2nd location and possibly a 3rd this year.

Everyone has a roof, everyone at some point will need a roof.

Have confidence!

Marshall - Congrads on the new shops. You pretty much hit it dead on. Pete in his pick up and larry with a ladder or going to thin out this year. Ive been doing surprisingly well. To be honest, ive already sold the amount of work plus a little more this year than I did all of last year.

People want quality now because they do not want to have to pay twice. It helps when quality is what you sell.

There is millions of squares out there to be roofed . . . theirs plenty for everyone.

What they said.

Early 80’s, late 80’s, 2001.

Life is like a teeter totter. Balance is key. :smiley:

The year 2006 was the biggest year in dollar volume of shingles sold. Experts figure that the recovery in roofing will not begin until the year 2010. Dollar-wise the volume will not reach nor surpass the 2006 volume figures until at least 2013.