Update! new roof

Well, I had the roofer come out and look at the work his crew did.
He stands behind his work. Specifically, he said the valley is a reversed
closed valley due to the water runoff. I see his point of view and others I’ve talk to have split opinions. Not everyone acknowledges a california/long island cut and there is no concrete explanations through my research except for GAF. Tamko seems to have a different perspective as not recognizing a specific cut. The roofer was reluctant to fill in the flashing areas saying they will not leak since there is already flashing going up under the siding. He said the apron flashing is sufficiant. However, he said that he would send his crew leader over that did my roof to trim the overhang and add some more apron flashing. Unfortunately, it’s been rainy and he probably will not be here until next week. With all the rain, I have now found leaks in the new pipe flashing in the attic. Now I’m getting irritated and feel I made a mistake hiring this company. I thought I did my homework considering they had many references, they were licensed and insured, and looked at their previous work. Here’s the link to the photos again:
photolava.com/code/1e54,1e55 … ,1e58.html

I would say call them back to fix the problems.

The best of companies can have bad employees, or an employee might have made a mistake he didnt realize. When I have seen the new pipe flashings leak, they were caused by either lack of a clamp if needed, or a cut thropugh the boot while trimming the shignles to fit.

Not even the absolute best of foremen can watch every nail and every cut being made. We do have to rely on employees. The skilled workers we rely on cost good money, and they tend to recognize the error when they make it, and remedy it on the spot. The lesser paid apprentice types usually will not.

The best of copmpanies will surely come back and remedy the situation for you.

just call em and tell him your leakin, cuss a little and hang up.
beleive me that will ruin his day and the crew will be rite out, after they get cussed out.

just be pateint.
your shingle roof didnt look that bad.


LOOK AT YOUR OTHER TOPIC FOR MY POST ON YOUR VALLEYS,as far as the pipe-in high wind/rain ares i recommend the flashing be lifted, and the bottom of the flashing be sealed w/elastomer/silicone approx. 1" in from the outside of the flange,and pressed back down so the sealant makes full contact w/the roof material (check that neoprene gasket is intact also)

Roof crew came out to correct existing problems. In regards to the vent pipe, he said that the pipe was not completely smooth. As a result, the gasket didn’t fit snuggly. He sealed it with solar seal. Is this a good product?

not bad,cures hard and has less flexibility than geocell2300,but it should do the job