Urgent Roof Help : Tile Problem!

Hi Everyone

I have a major problem, which I hope someone can help me with.

When I took down the existing tiles of the roof for the house the tiles were in a bad state as they had dirt, grime and moss all over. What I decided to do was to use a jet wash and mildly spray off the gunk. I placed 6 tiles in the garden and washed them evenly. All the dark gunk came off to leave a nice clean pink look. The only problem I noticed was that where the tiles overlap each other the gunk remained and wouldn’t come off! Now we have half pink and half dark brown tiles.

I initially done a trial for 6 and realised that we would end up leaving the roof patchy in color so I left it. I was away for 2 days and when I came back 80% of the tiles had been washed by my two sons (bless, they thought they were helping daddy).

If I replaced the tiles with new it would cost a lot of money, which I haven’t got!

What can I do? Is it possible to spray the roof with some kind of tile dye which is water resistant & gets absorbed by the tiles?

What’s the best solution for me?

Hope someone can help! :slight_smile:

Hey Mr. Rogers, love your show, it’s riveting.

Sorry that I dont know much about roof washing. I do know that when my company does do a wash it is with ARB (american roof brite). Hope that helps.



please can you tell me if you are in england or in the states , because in england we have a tile that is a two tone effect with the two colours , so it is not a flaw in tile , and i expect they have them in the states as well .

we jet wash roof’s over here all the time to clean off moss and other stuff and the they do sell a paint to bring back to colour to a roof but i do not have any idea how much it would cost , hope this help

regards john

Hi John, I’m in England.

Do you know the name/company of this paint which brings back colour to a roof?

uh, mr rogers,
just pressure wash and paint like ya would a house,
then you and the kids stay off the roof before ya end up havin to replace it.


Dear mr rogers .
take one of the tiles off the roof and turn it over and on the back there may be a name like marley , or redland , both these companys sell a paint that can be used to repaint a roof . also can you tell me wether the tiles are smooth or granulated .

or if you are still having problems please take a picture and send it in a email on here so i can help you .

there are companies that specalise in this sort of work but that they do not have a good reputation and personally i would never use them , and they are also very expensive and not worth the money

you can contact me through my email address on here should you have any other question please do not hesitate to contact me , i hope i have been of some help .

regards john

aqua sheild do roof coating , type in roof coating or aqya sheild in google can be done