Using a Certified Roofing Contractor

The importance of a roof

Your house is designed to protect your loved ones, you, and your property from the basics, and the roof is the 1 part of the home that takes providing this service to you, the most damage. Yet it is the only area of the house that’s most overlooked by people looking to purchase a house and by those looking to upgrade or maintain their current home. However, without acceptable maintenance and care your roof is liable to take leaks and can become damaged very easily in the worst of conditions.

The maintenance of your roof

Assessing your roof should become an annual job and should youn’t feel confident enough to know where to look you should consult a professional who will come and do the job for you. Using a roofing contractor means that you can be sure the individual you employ is a professional who knows exactly what to look for and can give the best advice to you if any work does happen to need doing. The perpetual beating of snow, rain, wind, hail, sunlight, and forming of ice puts pressure on any substance or material and your roof is by no means an exception to this rule. A roofing contractor can inform you whether you’ve got adequate protection to make sure that your roof keeps up the work it is currently doing.

You’re posting this for roofing contractors to see?


These are very scripted generalizations. Let me ask the following:

What EXACTLY constitutes an annual assessment and maintenance?

What are you implying when you combine a “Roofing contractor” with the word “Professional”? To me, that simply means they earn their living in the roofing business and nothing about quality.

Allowing anyone on your roof annually invites them to seek/create problems. Footfall, kicked shingles and vents, cracked tiles and shakes … hmmm. Too many contractors leverage fear to get jobs.

The only thing worth considering is a drone, or pole camera inspection every several years.

We took our SUV to the dealership recently to replace a broken wiper motor. They provided us an unsolicited laundry list of “we feel you should do this” maintenance items totalling over $6000.



Smells like Spam to me…


Homeowner Says Workers Tore Roof Off Wrong House in ‘Disaster’ Mistake ( Teesla is in business!

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Teesla would barely have managed to untie his ladder by the time homeowner showed up at dark. He (pronoun implied) might barely have the ridge cap pried loose.


We have a big market here.
This happens often here.
It happens so often, it doesnt even make a news story.
I am terrified of this myself.
I always try to make sure the dump trailer arrives before the crew so i make sure it doesn’t happen to me.

Yes, you are right. Me too