UV protected roofing cement

I need to buy some roofing cement that can be applied to uncovered areas. Is there a brand that you recommend and where can I get it?

I like Karnak-19 modified cement. Reason being that you can’t use regular flashing cement on Mod Bit and giving the animals too many choices confuses the animals so we stock the thing that can be used everywhere. Make sure you sandwich the fiberglass mesh in it. Tar and fabric.

I was looking for a caulk type sealant. I didn’t know you couldn’t use cement on modified bitumen. I used Grace Ice and Water and may have gotten some on it. I hope it doesn’t deteriorate it.

Karnak Ultra 19 also comes in tubes like caulking.

As far as caulking just get some kind of high quality urethane like NP-1 or Demonic. Make sure you use a paintable caulk if you need to as urethane won’t hold paint.

Can I buy these at a big box store?