Valley exit flashing issues below offset roof intersection

I am re-roofing with comp shingle. The photo shows the current w-valley for my old wood shake roof. It seems cut too short, and lacks extra flashing to better direct the flow into the upper gutter and the roof plane at right. There is also no kick-out action to keep valley water away from the small undershot.

Q1. Is this flashing detail 100% correctable ?
Q2. What do I specify, in tradesman’s terms, to better install the new valley and get this issue corrected?
Q3. Also, the end of the upper gutter should be installed as close as possible to the valley intersection line to best capture the exit flow. Is this feasible with half-round gutters, or am I restricted to K-style gutters and/or fascia AKA straight gutters?

Its not clear in the photo to me if the valley construction should be changed.
Looks like they did it right to me.

What is wrong is the gutter.
Get the gutter from draining on to the roof period.
A gutter is to collect the water off the roof
Not drain back onto it like a fire hose.


The valley cannot deliver water to the upper gutter. The upper gutter is already run too tight into the roof as is. Cut the upper gutter back, cap the end and run a short connector to deliver that water directly into the lower gutter. Put a splash guard on the lower gutter where the majority of water from the valley ends up.

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Hi roof_lover,
It is hard to tell from the photo angle but: (1) both fascia are level, (2) the upper gutter drains to the left not onto the roof, (3) the lower gutter drains to the right. BTW what Tileman says makes sense to me.

Hi Tileman,
Your comment makes sense, thanks.
I think for the new roof I should also:
(a) move the lower gutter’s left end-cap out of the left wall (so it doesn’t dead-end into the stucco),
(b) shorten the left fascia so the under-taper does not touch the roof
Q. Do you think the undershot area needs a kick-out flashing at the left wall?

Stucco walls always need a kick out flashing but you should also do whatever possible to keep water from getting to that area.

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The upper gutter does not appear to have an end cap in this photo.

And even if it does, its still in the way
And blocking traffic.
Its totally wrong.
Tileman is agreeing with me.
He is just telling you how to do it.


I greatly appreciate the feedback from all. Thanks very much. - Dougster

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