Valley preferences

What is your preferred valley installation?

I’ve got foreman that are passionate about full-weave and others equally passionate about open valleys (nobody’s real crazy about a half-weave)

So what do y’all think? Taking into account…(1) SPEED, (2) COST, (3)AESTHETICS, (4) PERFORMANCE.


Someone said almost time when you wheav you void manufacturers garantee. I dont know about that but I do know I would never weave a valley. I amost always use valley metal. On occasion when on steep i use a overlay.

manufactures recommend closed cut valley…so…we do closed cut valley. weave DOES void warranty. it will be the first place to leak and the first place to give out from trapped air under the shinlges.

I ditto what marshall conveyed. Why would you install something on a homeowners roof that would void the warranty ? I don’t and my guys won’t. We stand behind our roofs.

Open valley… why have one layer of product instead of two or three? Unsightly over time; needs two cuts, more difficult to make it lay just right in an older house.

I’d never do open valley unless the customer spends @ least $ 150.00 extra & a good portion of this is in peel & seal of some sort. I’d rather even charge a LOT more & get a custom W valley made that will extend @ least 3’ up under each side of the shingle cutback.

Basically, it’s like having a cutback valley run up the low side & not the high side.

The way i see it is perfomance should be one. If you are trying to set a land speed record your in the wrong business and will go out of business.

If it deos not stand the test of time what are you doing it for. I agree with the warranty issue. But hey why not read the back of the shingle package thats just too much to comprehend i guess. Do it right or get off the roof.

Our valleys are ice shielded and one cut. Very rarely when installed correctly will they leak.
We only do the open valleys with the W pan in either metal or copper. Of course, the homeowner pays more for the W valley as it eats up time. Some peeps here in Michigan still use 90# rolled roofing. Why ? I dont understand but love to sell against it.

can you believe it? a topic we are all agreeing on !!!

good job guys. give yourself a pat on your back from yourself !!

In most case in stteep i use ice and water and then galvinized metal. on steep we sometimes close it but it is usually to the home builders speifications. Some of ther builders wont pay for the metal and thats cool with but i always prefer the metal becaues the water alway flows of the roof faster.