Valley Sheating

Question about sheathing in the valley. As you can see in the picture where the two sheathings in the valley intersect it creates a bump. Seems like one could step in the wrong place and tear felt or cause damage. I was thinking about running metal down as shown in the image to create a smooth transaction. What would you recommend doing in a valley area.


we put 24" W valley in ours…

I am doing a closed cut valley. I was just wondering if I should worry about sheathing that does not have a smooth transition at the valley.

no…just dont step on it…

If I have a valley that is not really smooth (Uneven) I go to Lowe’s or H.D and buy some 12"-14" metal n a roll and install that then felt and shingle.The metals sole function in this case is to provide an even transition from slope to slope.It prevents the shingles from taking the form of the less than perfect valley.

when i was in Florida we were required to nail down a wide roll metal in all the valleys first.

I use on occasion a W valley with clips and close cut just depends.