Van VS Truck?

Who uses van or truck, We like the van because we feel is is a rolling billboard, Any comments ?, thanks

I have tried it all but the best setup for a shingle crew is a dump truck with a trailer.

I like the 15K lb gross dump trailer hooked to the diesel 1 ton dually.

Vans are nice but with few to none being diesel and even less being 4x4 trucks for me are the way to go.

My first work vehicle was a 84 Ram van, worked good but was nothing to point at when bidding!

Dump Truck all the way

My truck is a '99 Chevy 3500 LS 4 door (crew cab)… fuelie. Wanna move up to a new(er) used Furd Dismal F-two - fitty.

If you’re driving a van, you’re only a salesperson… that’s MY opinion. Now, I can see a crew having a van to keep tools a bit safer in, but you really have to have a truck for smaller pickups on product, i.e. 15 Squares, 8 rolls of 30#, etc.

The guys @ the yard who load will like you a LOT better if they can fork it in there vs. hand loading a van.

i have one of everything…and they all have their pros & cons