Velux or Andersen skylight installation preferable?


I’m having the roofing company install skylights when I get my roof reshingled. They said they didn’t care about the brand I get as long as its ‘good’, but had the most experience with Velux. Unfortunately, the selection of Velux windows in the possible sizes I need aren’t available locally and would have to be ordered, with no guarantee of arrival prior to roofing day. Andersens are available locally in my sizes.

Any comments on either from an installation / performance standpoint?


I prefer Velux or Pella.

look for an Anderson that has a removable window so that the frame can be wrapped with Ice & water shield.
Not all Andersons are like this.

velux all i have ever used. Zero leaks if installed correctly for many years.

I’ve done Velux & that’s all. The ones sold here @ my supplier doesn’t have much of a flashing kit & we build our own curbs, then got curb kits from a specialty metal co. here in Austin.

Is there a reason why your contractor can’t wait for the Velux to show up?

The andersons I have looked at to me looked just like a veluxe.

I would say veluxe just because we have used them for years and know that they work.

I recently put in 2 Andersons that were built just like the Velux’s.
This is the first time that I have seen Anderson’s like this, these were very good skylights.

Velux has their new flashing system, the rubber gasket thing…
I have installed a few of these in the last couple years, they haven’t leaked but I am still leary about this system…
They are built in such a way as to make it impossible to wrap them with Ice & water shield.

we use velux windows here great windows and great range of extras

velux skylights is a good quality. Velux have a lot of extras and is the easy installation. I know the skylight from Anderson not, again i think the Velux is the best choice.

Velux has always had the best skylight. Roto is also very good and can open a little more than a Velux it has a rubber gasket counterflashing that I was never crazy about, recently heard Roto was bought out.

Velux look`s as nice as Roto, for me.

Velux is the only way to go.

Installed a couple smaller Wassco’s the other day and didn’t care much for the grommet “super seal” around the whole thing. It’s a better design than the 15 year old Wassco I had to build a flashing kit for a few weeks ago.

Installed four smaller Anderson’s a couple years ago on a 10/12 and didn’t care for them one bit.