Velux Sun Tunnel Size

I have a roof facing south and considering installing Velux Sun tunnel. I was set to buy TGR 14’’ model, but at the roofing store saw that they had TGR 22’’ model and choose that one. Now I want to make sure that there will be no problems with my choice. There are no reviews for TGR 22’’ model.
My roof pitch is raises 9 and 1/4 inch per 12 inch horizontal (pitch). Space between roof trusses is 24’’ and I measured that 22’’ tunnel should just fit in.
Do you think I’ll be OK with my choice of 22’’ model - I want more light that is why I went with larger model. Any concerns I should have about my choice?

Are you installing this yourself?

I think you will be fine with the 22.
I suggest using the rigid pipe not the flex that is also available.
That will maximize the light.
If its a straight shot from the ceiling to the roof deck it will be a simple install.
Cut your ceiling first using a circle cutter to make sure it winds up in the right location. Then use a plumb bob to align your deck cut through.

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Hi DrFixup,

Thank you for reply!
Yes, I am installing this myself as I have easy access to attic - I already checked location and put nail through the drywall to see where it is going to be located on my celing. It is very close to the roof edge (2 level roof, this is on second level), tunnel probably going to be just around 4 feet. I have good access to attic - so I could even cut drywall in the ceiling and even roof opening from the attic (as I’ll better see trusses).
My real concern is that there is no info about TGR 22’’ rigid sun tunnel anywhere. I ordered today and should receive it by Thursday. I was not sure if my roof pitch is supported, for example 14’’ model with 3:12-20:12 roof pitch, but I am not sure about 22’’ model. I’ll call velux on Tuesday and will talk to them.

Thanks again for your reply!

Do you have easy, safe access to your steep roof?
They dont need rocket surgeons to install them, but you need some roofing knowledge. 9/12 is no joke.

As far as the tunnel itself; if its velux itll be fine, and they stand behind their products.


Like @patchap said above “safe, safe, safe and Velux makes good products”.
These take about an hour to install but you gotta know how to cut that ceiling and flash it in at the deck or you will have problems.
Call this number after the weekend and you will get every question answered.

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I have a safe access to my roof - I’ll be standing on the lower level root and I’ll be able to access that steep roof - as I said my opening on the roof will be very close to the edge.
Thank you for replies again! I’ll call Velux tomorrow and will make sure that I can install this specific model on my roof with 9:12 pitch. I also have to figure out if tunnel must be perfectly vertical or if it is OK to point it at some angle down for more sun.

Sorry, I have one more follow up question. On Velux website I found instructions for installation. Instructions says:

  • Pitched flashing (THR/TMR) or vertical tunnel for roof pitches 14˚-45˚ (3:12 - 12:12) and any roof orientation.
  • Low profile flashing (TGR) or sloped tunnel for roof pitches 45˚-60˚ (12:12 - 21:12) and east, south and west roof orientations.

My roof pitch is 9:12 and I bought TGR model. Based on above statement my roof pitch is not good enough, right? Roof pitch 9:12 converts to about 40 degrees, so I have to attempt to cancel my order.

I talked to Velux and this is what I found:
TGR model is good for 3:12 to 21:12 pitch. The documentation they had online is probably old.
TGR 22’’ model comes by default with 2 elbows that are about 1 feet each + 2 feet of tubing. If it is a straight run it is cheaper to order just required length of straight tubing.
TGR 22’’ model will fit between standard house trusses usually without any issues.

Thanks again everyone for your help!