Vent pipe

I have a home built in 1976. Recently while on the roof, I noticed the roof vent pipe boot has deteriorated.

I went to Lowes, Home Depot, and 3 other local hardware stores looking for a boot to fit my pipe – 4.5 inches OD. It seems there is none for this size and they only go to 4".

Any suggestions of where I can find one or what I can do to remedy the problem.



If the pipe is bigger than 4 inches I would suggest just using a lead. If you check the local roofing supply company I use Allied Building Products here in the chicagoland area they should have leads there and they are a little bigger but make sure that you bend the lead over the pipe into the inside of the pipe a little to ensure that it doesnt leak.

I believe pipe is measured onm the ID, so 4" should be the one.


4" is the one you want.

it is def. the 4" pipe you want.

go to menards its cheaper there

no menards down south…

Tell us about that quality roofing that they sell :roll:

That place is just barely a step up from a flea market :twisted:

My local supplier sells Oatey brand vent flashings.

Made near Cleveland.

I always wrap with ice and water because they keep making the side flanges smaller. :frowning:

lowes will have them too

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hey bravio,
i have seen some cast iron ( old) soil pipes still have the female end on them with just a rubber collar around them.
i just wanted to make sure your pipes diameter doesnt get bigger at the top.
if if it does you will need to cut a couple of inches off the top (remove the female section) and then measure the diameter.
you could have a 3" pipe, with the female end on it, that measure 4.5" at the top.

good luck.