Vent question from someone with no roofing experience

Hi everyone,
Need help with a dilemma. Had my roof done a couple of years ago and recently found out the vents are not aligned with the holes in the attic. Only about 10-20% of the vent actually matches up with the hole. The roofer’s solution is to go up into the attic and cut new holes. He says the slope of the roof is too steep. They would have to put planks in to go up on the roof which would affect the integrity of the shingles. That makes sense to me but I don’t like the solution. Any thoughts? TIA.

If they couldn’t manage to put the vent over the hole in the first place I doubt if they can cut the decking from the inside without damaging the roof and/or vent.

If I had to repair something like that I would just take the time to put in as many roof jacks as needed to safely access the repair area.

No, don’t disturb the waterproof integrity of your roof system. Go in the attic & cut what you need to with a jig saw or hole saw. Just be careful.

I agree with bob. If someone called me and asking to do the same thing thats how I would do it. Its much less work to use a jigsaw and take your time than to set up jacks, planks, and harneses (for legal reasons).

If the vents don’t align with the holes but 10-20% doesn’t this leave a fairly large place with no wood decking somewhere around the vents?

The right way to do it is go up top with some shingles and sealant. Then install the vents properly and reshingle and reseal it as needed.

What kind of vents are you speaking of? Little one foot by one foot square vents, circular vent fans or some other type?

Can you see a hole with no wood anywhere around the vents?

Thanks guys. I agree cutting into the roof seems to be the easiest solution, but I have had new insulation blown in and it was the insulation guy who noticed the problem. He said he would go ahead with the insulation as he didn’t think they would fix the problem by going into the attic. His concern with that would be compressing all the insulation he had just blown in.

The vents are square. I don’t see a hole anywhere around them as they are covered by shingles. I will try to attach a pic from the attic view of the problem.

Edit: it won’t let me attach a pic because I’m a new user. I created a person album on this forum and uploaded the pic there.

Wow, that’s off quite a bit. I’d be questioning the rest of their workmanship when they screw up something as simple as a vent install. You might want to have your roof inspected by a competent roofer.

I agree with Axiom. To be done right the vents should be repositioned. It’s irrelevant that the roof is steep. It wasn’t done right the first time. A chicken ladder should eliminate the need to install jacks throughout your roof